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Welcome to Imagine Harmony

Hello I am Amna,

I believe empathy and compassion are fundamental to the process of healing and I strongly advocate that self care determines overall wellbeing and growth.

Self care is about recognising your needs, nurturing them and being compassionate towards yourself. Striking a balance between managing chaotic thoughts and aligning them with your true self is the pathway to success.

Life can be challenging and finding a way to support yourself is the first step towards being self compassionate.

How many times have you felt despair, frustration, anxiety, anger and extreme uncontrollable sadness. The feeling of being stuck, wanting to give up and have no motivation.

  • What do I want out of life?
  • Where is life taking me?
  • Why am I feeling like this?

The magic answers are there within you. There are ways to uncover them & find your true worth. You have the resources within you & already possess those strengths.

Taking a thought or an idea and turning it into a reality is an ability we all have. I am here to motivate you, challenge your negative beliefs and equip you with the right tools to lead a more fulfilled life. I believe in you and your ability to make a difference to yourself.

Talking to the right person who sees YOU beyond how you see yourself helps. I am a personal performance life coach, trained humanistic counsellor and NLP practitioner. I love inspiring people and feel a huge satisfaction in shining a light on their journey towards self realisation and self discovery.

Whether it’s a gentle, compassionate approach or a motivational, challenging strategy

I view you for who you want to be keeping your aspirations and struggles in mind.

Online Therapy

Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a professional when it’s most beneficial or convenient for you. It can be from the comfort of your home or workplace.

I offer online therapy via live chatting, Skype, FaceTime or over the phone. It’s simple, quick and effective.

I offer unique tailor made sessions to suit individual needs. The introductory session is for one hour and determines how we can work together. The nature of the sessions and care required is established after the initial consultation.

My diverse background and experience enables me to truly empathise with your struggles in a compassionate way.

I strive to help and make you the best version of you.

Call me for a friendly, no obligation chat and we can figure out the best possible way forward for you. Don’t internalise your battles and stay stuck. Make that positive change and unleash your strengths. Its good to talk!

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