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I am a personal performance life coach, trained humanistic counsellor and NLP practitioner. I strive to create a balanced, content life for myself with a deep sense of awareness and my passion is to do the same for others.

I believe that we all have the capacity to overcome the obstacles that hold us back in fulfilling our goals and dreams. We have an innate ability to grow, achieve our goals and reach our maximum potential.

As long as you can hold on to a solid belief that you have a choice, you can make a change.

I can help you to set and achieve your goals and make that change. I will support you wholeheartedly in your growth and encourage you to rise above your challenges. I can give you the direction and focus to move forward and gain an understanding that there are always more options than obstacles.

Life is a myriad of challenges and finding the right support to help us cope is vital for our wellbeing.

My vision when I work is to empower you, to negate damaging, self destructive thoughts and support you in developing confidence in yourself and your ideas. Your individuality is what makes you special and your strength lies in drawing from your experiences and inner resources.

Using my counselling skills I provide a safe environment to explore your feelings and thoughts. I examine underlying reasons for constricting beliefs, chaotic thoughts and behavior patterns. I make you the focus and help you manage any difficult feelings you may have.

I use my life coaching skills and NLP techniques to assess your current state and your future aspirations. I support you to set realistic goals for yourself and work with you to help you achieve them. I use special techniques and exercises to eliminate limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

I am a great advocate of self compassion and value the importance of client and therapist/coach relationship as its vital for effective therapy and successful coaching sessions. I work upholding a strict ethical code and strive to give you the best possible care and support valuing the trust you place in me.

I trust in your ability to look beyond your limitations.

My focus is to facilitate your well being, guide you in your process of self development and to work collaboratively with you. I endeavor to make sessions with me a productive and positive experience for you.

Hailing from a multicultural background, living in the UK for more than two decades and having a depth of experience personally and professionally, I have a deep understanding of different cultures, communities and the impact of change. I believe we all enrich the world with our diversity and that’s where our strength lies.

I work privately on a one to one basis offering both long term and short term sessions depending on your individual needs. I also offer online therapy via video call and can do phone sessions if required. I work from my practice, Imagine Harmony which is based in London.